Wire Forms

Structured to Suit Any Possible Application

Our proprietary CNC and robotic forming programs enable Twist to produce complex wire forms. The diversity of this technology enables us to perform a multitude of secondary operations that other companies typically outsource. Our equipment is adaptable and can be used to bend, punch, stamp and weld where appropriate. For high volume applications, Twist utilizes high-speed bending equipment that is equally precise and versatile.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Other Capabilities


Twist has the capabilities to produce a wide array of different spring types. From compression and extension to torsion springs, each product can be manufactured in a variety of alloys, shapes, or pitches.


Whether our customers require a simple two-part or multiple component assembly, Twist’s experts are here to handle the task. Combined with in-house tool-and-die capabilities, there’s nothing out of their reach.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machining

In-house operation of CNC laser and machining technology gives Twist the advantage of single component or complex part assembly and creation.

About Twist

Founded on the premises that our customers and their needs are to be given the utmost consideration, Twist established a goal of being a high-quality metal fabrication supplier to all industries.