Product-Dedicated Manufacturing

With 11 plants in 2 countries, Twist’s product diversification allows for the implementation of our metal fabrication and engineering expertise in a wide variety of modern industrial uses.


Twist is capable of furnishing a large stock of products necessary for the automotive industry, from parts for brake and transmission systems to fuel injectors, seating components, and shocks. Our stringent quality measures are driven with safety and efficiency from beginning to end.


In the aerospace industry, precision is an absolute necessity, and that’s why you can rely on Twist for the manufacture, production, and assembly of braking systems, interior components, and more.


The rapidly growing medical industry is reliant upon innovations created by Twist such as disposable instrument components or non-toxic black oxide coatings to keep millions of patients and healthcare workers safe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Limitless Capabilities

Whether it be plating, springs, stamping, wire forms, sheet metal fabrication, painting, testing, or assembly, Twist offers a wide variety of services to satisfy our customers’ unique specifications.

Pre-Flight Ground Support

Power + Air

Twist Aero, a sister company of Twist, has been revolutionizing the aviation industry since 1972.