Certified supplier for numerous customers


Only company in Ohio to receive the OSHA SHARP award for 14 consecutive years

Participant in voluntary state compliance program to obtain federal OSHA exemptions


Participant in voluntary compliance program to obtain self certification



100% on-time delivery awards from numerous customers


Recipient of 2003 Governor’s Excellence in Exporting award

Twist is certified by MacDermid Enthone, as an approved rack ZinKlad applicator.

To be certified, we must adhere to strict standards and guidelines as well as undergo frequent audits by MacDermid, in order to verify the integrity of our chemistry. Twist utilizes a rack plating system for this application.

ZinKlad 1000 meets or exceeds automotive standards for >1000 hours resistance to red rust and has predictable torque tension characteristics.


About Twist

Founded on the premises that our customers and their needs are to be given the utmost consideration, Twist established a goal of being a high-quality metal fabrication supplier to all industries.