Spring Into Action With Our Custom Spring Solutions

Twist has the capabilities and technology at their disposal to design and manufacture springs for any conceivable application. The wide variety of available alloys and wire shapes give our customers the ability to determine the materials and process to create the product that best suits their individual needs. All springs can be made from any alloy of round, square, or rectangular wire.

Compression Springs

Twist manufactures compression springs from any material, in any shape. Additionally, we produce all desired configurations, such as straight compression, conical, open or closed end, multi-diameter, multi-pitch and solid wound blanks. Utilizing in-line sensors and sorting devices, Twist meets the most stringent of tolerance needs. To meet customer specifications Twist has part specific tooling which control end grinding processes, automation coupled with custom control features allow for horizontal and vertical spindle grinding.

Extension Springs

Our CNC equipment is programed with automated transfer stations, allowing Twist to manufacture most all types of extension springs, including: standard machine hooks, crossover center, side, extended and special hook configurations. Automated probe and sensing devices are used to control critical loop location requirements. Twist aides in design and development of linkages that divert known obstacles, or where there are space or weight restrictions.

Torsion Springs

With our diverse line of manufacturing equipment, Twist produces complex Torsion designs without the need for costly secondary operations. Strip Steel can be used to produce Spiral torsion springs while both Torsion and Spiral Torsion springs can be produced from round, square or rectangular wire. Twist has multiple lines of CNC programmable equipment, used to satisfy complex needs. Our tool design and development department is successful in customizing specialty equipment for products that do not lend themselves to traditional manufacturing methods.

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Other Capabilities

Wire Forms

Structured to suit any possible application, Twist’s wire bending process is capable of producing any variety of complex wire form complete with in-house secondary finishing.


Along with multiple metal plating options, Twist also offers finishing paint coating in a number of different methods including powder coating, E-coating, wet paint, and dip and spin.


Twist’s team of dedicated engineers and technicians excel in the production of unique custom metal stampings that can be manufactured into any possible shape and finished using tempered materials.

About Twist

Founded on the premises that our customers and their needs are to be given the utmost consideration, Twist established a goal of being a high-quality metal fabrication supplier to all industries.