Stamping, Forms, & Rings

Our High-Quality Manufacturing, Your Custom Solution

With Twist’s extensive access to advanced part manufacturing technology combined with a team of experienced engineers, tool-and-die makers, and designers, we provide our customers with the ability to create any number of custom machine parts. From wire forms, stamping, and slide forming to snap and retaining rings, Twist has the ability to manufacture the part our customers need when they need it.


With our 400-ton press capability we are capable of taking products from a 3D model and integrating the design to a fully dimensioned blueprint for manufacturing and a functional part for the end user. Our tool and die department works seamlessly with the CNC metal fabrication department to create complete finished products.

Snap & Retaining Rings

Twist manufactures coiled snap and retaining rings out of square, rectangular and round material sections. Our technology allows us to produce inner or outer diameters with limited restriction. We purchase raw materials, to make our products which offer two cost saving advantages first no scrap, and second maximum strength advantages due to the uniform grain direction of the material.

Four-Slide/Multi-Slide & Rotary

Four-slides offer several advantages in that they provide die capability for profiling and punching and four individual slides for forming around a stationary king post tool. This type of equipment is capable of higher productions speeds, accuracy and considerably less tooling dollars as compared to progressive dies. Secondly, these same products can be produced on hand or air-pneumatic forming tools for lower volume or prototype requirements.

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Other Capabilities


Twist has the capabilities to produce a wide array of different spring types. From compression and extension to torsion springs, each product can be manufactured in a variety of alloys, shapes, or pitches.


Whether our customers require a simple two-part or multiple component assembly, Twist’s experts are here to handle the task. Combined with in-house tool-and-die capabilities, there’s nothing out of their reach.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machining

In-house operation of CNC laser and machining technology gives Twist the advantage of single component or complex part assembly and creation.

About Twist

Founded on the premises that our customers and their needs are to be given the utmost consideration, Twist established a goal of being a high-quality metal fabrication supplier to all industries.