Engineering Resources

Advanced Engineering

Each of our 11 plants is capable of a vast range of engineering services meant to provide direction and quality assurance through every step of the design and fabrication processes. Whether our customers require industry-specific tooling and stamping, precision engineering design and support, or meticulous quality assurance, Twist has the certification and facility to fabricate the product they need.

Coating and Plating

After initial fabrication, our in-house plating and coating facilities are able to provide your products with the sealant necessary to resist any number of environmental variables. Once completed, our dedication to quality will ensure reliability through rigorous conditional testing.

Chemistry Analysis

Elemental Analysis

Atomic Absorption Analysis

Salt Spray and Humidity Testing

Metallurgical Lab

Our metallurgical lab technicians are committed to excellence and guarantee customer satisfaction through component chemical and compositional analysis. This necessity gives our customers the assurance they require at a microscopic level.

Micro Hardness

Chemistry Analysis of Base Metal

Cycle Testing

Tensile Testing

Tool and Die

The engineers at Twist are here to cater to our customers’ needs from the very beginning by lending their expertise to the initial design and tooling of each product, maintaining quality from an idea’s inception.

Analysis of Stress Spring Design

3 Dimensional AutoCad Design

Stamping Die Design

Design and Engineer all In-House Tooling

Metal Fabrication Solutions

Experience Quality

From exemplary customer service to renowned product quality, contact us for your industry-specific metal fabrication solution.

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Founded on the premises that our customers and their needs are to be given the utmost consideration, Twist established a goal of being a high-quality metal fabrication supplier to all industries.